General Maintenance

Auto Repair Services St. Augustine, Fl


No matter how well you take care of your automobile, it will likely require repairs over time. After driving all those miles and weathering the elements that Mother Nature sends our way in Florida, the parts and equipment in your vehicle may stop performing at their peak, or even fail all together. And when they do, bring it on in to our shop. Over the past three decades, we have repaired most every make and model, and will be sure to be able to assist you with yours.



Regular auto service and maintenance is vitally important to the life of your vehicle. A schedule of routine maintenance will help your vehicle perform better, last longer, and require fewer major repairs in the long run. Bring your vehicle to our shop, and we’ll give it a thorough check for the usual, and unusual, things that can affect its performance. We’ll save you time and money every time.


Other services

Karr Doctor offers a wide range of specialty auto services as well. We do everything from tire sales and installations to engine overhauls–and more. We are a full-service auto repair shop and we pride ourselves on our specialty services.

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