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Replacing brake pads is a common repair on most vehicles. Brakes pads are designed to wear out. The pads press against the brake disc, causing friction, to stop your car. Eventually the material on the pad is worn away. If you are experiencing any problems with your braking system, the first thing to check is the thickness of the pad. If the pads are worn thin or are cracked from heat during use, pad replacement may be necessary and the system should be inspected.


Remember, Karr Doctor offers brake inspections to help keep you safe on the road! Since brake pads are only one possible problem with a brake system, there are other items to check as well. The two most difficult parts of brake pad replacement are the weight of the caliper and the pistons. Without proper tools, adjusting the piston and calipers to fit over the new, thicker pads can be very difficult. Replacing your brake pads can be a daunting task for those without mechanical skills. Allow the experts at Karr Doctor to give you the best deal on your new brake pads!

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